Budget Travelling to South Korea (10 Days Budget below RM 2,500)

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안녕 친구!!

This blog covers the necessities of our plane ticket, accommodation, transport, f&b, miscellaneous expenses, telecommunication and currency ($$$$). The budget we spent on was dependent on the season we visited, the amount of places we went and food cravings we have. Obviously, it will vary upon individuals buuut here is an estimated budget that would ideally give you a hint of the expenditure for future trip planning.

1. Airfare Ticket (RM946.00)20140904 (2)

Our choice of airplane was our Malaysia’s economical AirAsia – Now Everyone Can Fly! Please be aware the fact that we went to Korea during early Sept, which was still the end of summer. Airfare ticket was cheap, off peak season tickets. Naturally, airfare tickets will be jacked up during peak seasons (Spring & Winter & Festive periods). Do consider the pro’s & con’s. Despite that, the price above is inclusive of

-Tax & Fees

-Luggage (14kg, go and 25kg, return)


AirAsia offers great discount sometimes, do look out for that! Here is the link for your reference:


Here are some websites that offer the service of cheap flights comparison for your convenience:

Skyscanner, Kayak, Farecompare, Momondo, Smartravel, Seatguru, Expedia

2. Accommodation (KRW 153,100.00)

Kim’s House, Busan
Kimchee Dongdaemun2 Guesthouse, Seoul

Since we were under a budget constraint, hotels were out of the question. At least, bound to the idea that if we spend less on accommodation and flight, more budget for shopping since shopping is GREAT there. Please do know that there are plenty of great guesthouses in Seoul & Busan. There are not much of choice for guesthouse in Daejeon. Besides the obvious, there are other options like Jjimjilbang (찜질방), Hasukjib (하숙집) and theme hotels. However, please know that it is only comfortable to stay at Jjimjilbang for a night or two and hasukjib is normally offer to those renting for a month or more. Our accommodation comprised of

-Orange Guesthouse, Seoul ( 3 days 2 nights)

-Kimchee Dongdaemun2 Guesthouse, Seoul ( 4 days 3 nights)

-Max Hotel, Daejeon ( 4 days 3 nights)

-Kim’s House, Busan (3 days 2 nights)

Here are the links to the accommodation that we have stayed in:





Here are the links to the websites that offer great deals to our accommodations:







Here are some extras for those who are looking at staying for a month or more, Hasukjib:




3. Transport (KRW 148,600.00)


20140905 (13)

This part of expenditure is slightly tricky cause we have spent some amount on midnight taxi fares & taxi fares to the airport. However, do expect to spend around KRW 40,000.00 on T-Money for the basics like city bus & subway for a stay of 10 days. At least, that was the amount we spend on for the two main modes of transportation. We cashed out whenever we took the taxi. Midnight taxi rides will be jacked up especially when the normal starting rate for taxi is KRW 3,000.00 and increases by km(s).

There are grades for long distance buses and the more you pay, the more comfortable it is. The one we rode on was a real A+++!! Their railway carriages are split to three types, KTX (most expensive & fastest), Saemaeul새마을 (moderately priced & moderate speed) and Mugunghwa,무궁화  (cheaper & slowest). You can expect to purchase the T-Money at any convenience store and top-up on the amount at any train stations. Their transportation system are really on time!! During one of our journeys in Korea, we had to purchase our Coach Bus tickets ahead of time because it was Chuseok,추석 , peak period especially for travelling. Most tickets sold out FAST and there were massive traffic everywhere. Therefore, do look out for that and consider these aspects too.

-T-Money (City Bus, Taxi, Subway)

-Coach Bus (Excellent Grade)

-KTX (Seoul-Daejeon-Busan)

-Namsan Tower Cable Car

-Taejongdae Train

Here are the links to the sites for further information and booking & purchasing of tickets:





4. F & B (KRW 300,000.00)

Our budget for three main meals per day was KRW 30,000.00 (KRW10,000.00 X 3 meals) and meals normally priced averagely  from KRW 6,000 to KRW 10,000. Anything more than KRW 10,000.00 is consider on the pricier side for a decent & humble meal like jjigae. Meat dishes like bulgogi would be KRW 10,000 and above dependable on the type of meat and cut you are looking for. Below are some of the food we tried and recommend to have on your to-eat-list

Must try their Cheesecake bingsu & Injeolmi bingsu

Bingsu: http://sulbing.com/

Korea’s fast food chain: http://www.lotteria.com/eng/

Look for a long que at one of their counters and try that pastry-their signatures!

Daejeon’s famous pastry house: http://sungsimdang.co.kr/

Korea’s monopolized supermarket/hypermarket:  http://www.lottemart.com/

Korea’s pizza restaurant chain: http://www.mrpizza.co.kr/

Their competitor would be Tous Les Jours

Korea’s bakery chain: http://eng.paris.co.kr/


Korea’s cafe chain: http://www.angelinus.co.kr/

Honeycomb Softree Ice-Cream

Korea’s MUST TRY Softree ice-cream: https://www.facebook.com/softree.gangnam

Yoogane has been feature in numerous K-Dramas


Korea’s famous Dak-Galbi restaurant chain: http://www.tripadvisor.com.my/Restaurant_Review-g294197-d3957610-Reviews-Yoogane_Myeongdong_1st_Store-Seoul.html

Try their Gorgonzola, Cream Pane & Seafood Tomato! Am dying to have it again!! T T


Daejeon MUST TRY Korea-meet-Western fusion dishes: http://www.robocook.co.kr/sub/menu/menu_pasriso.asp

Korea’s convenient store chain: http://gs25.gsretail.com/

5. Miscellaneous (KRW 32,500.00)

This part of the budget would cover the additional fees that are not covered above. Since our budget include an amount of MUST VISIT places, some places charge entrance fees and the list below are the places that do charge. The ones not listed are free at entrance.

-Seoul Tower

-Busan Tower

-Changdeokgung Palace

-Gamcheon Cultural Village Map

-Nami Island

Here are the links to any updates on the fees and opening hours or to whatever you want to know to these locations:






2014-12-13 00.17.03
4G & 5G open wifi reception

There are plenty of 4G & 5G  wifi reception for free on the streets. TRUST ME! If you are staying for a fortnight, then do not get their sim but if you are staying for a month or more, do get their sim if you must! Most places (cafe & restaurant) has great wifi connection and even walking on the streets, there are open wifi reception. Do make sure that your phone is asses-able to 4G connection. For Samsung users like me (Note 3 & 4) it is haven!!

The few main tele-companies for your sim are EgSim, KT and SK. You are able to purchase your sim ahead of time. Do know that your sim will only last for a month for traveler’s standard purchase. That will be out of your concern if you are looking for monthly plans which they do offer to. Below are the links to the tele-companies that offer sims for travelers like you and me






6. Currency

The currency we were charged was 3.16 (SELL),

RM3.16 = KRW 1,000.00


This vary from time to time dependable on the economy of your home country. Know that each KRW 1,000.00  will only allow  you to survive on 1 pair of socks/Kimbap/Small packet of Milk/some drinks/some Ice-Cream/snacks from GS25, CU Mart

Hope it helps you plan your trip to South Korea! Happy Travelling. Share with your family and friends

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